New feature available in Gmail app

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Every day multiple e-mails from different people or organizations are accumulated in Gmail inbox. As a result, it becomes very difficult to find important e-mails from the inbox when needed. Not only that, Gmail can also run out of capacity. And so many people selectively delete unnecessary e-mails all together. Unnecessary e-mails in the Gmail inbox can be selected and deleted from the computer, but must be selected separately on the mobile phone (New feature available in Gmail app). This requires more time. To solve this problem, Google is adding a ‘Select All’ button to the Android version of the Gmail app.

New feature available in Gmail app

New feature available in Gmail app

When this new facility is launched, multiple e-mails in the inbox of the Gmail app can be selected from the phone running on the Android operating system. As a result, in addition to deleting multiple e-mails at once, they can be quickly sent to a specific folder or archived. Initially,(New feature available in Gmail app) the Gmail app version 2023.08.20.561750975 enabled a limited number of people to use the button. Soon this feature will be added to the experimental version of Android 14 along with Android 13 operating system.

Note that 50 emails can be selected simultaneously in Gmail using the ‘Select All’ button from the computer. However, Google has not given any information about how many e-mails can be selected simultaneously from the Android app. The company has not given a specific date on when this facility will be opened for all users.

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